Pandigital 7″ Black eReader firmware update download

pandigital-black-7-inchI received the Pandigital Black 7″ eReader for Christmas.  The Pandigital eReader is a economically priced eReader ($129 at Best Buy) that runs Android.  Although it’s not your spoilt nephews iPAD, it can get by as a basic Android Tablet.  It comes with WiFi, a basic web browser, MP3 player, Facebook and Email clients.  It integrates directly with Barns and Nobles NOOKBook Store this allows you to read NOOKBooks (epub format) as well as PDF books from other sources.

Being a gadget guy I checked out the Pandigital website and found there was a firmware upgrade available.  I downloaded the software, ran it on my toughbook and caught an error (Wasted a few hours trying to correct.)  The next day I ran the upgrade on my office PC  (No joy again… although I did get past the “enter your serial number prompt.”)  Next I tried on my home PC, this time and the 20-30 times after it timed out while trying to download the update…. nothing is more frustrating to a geek than not being able to play with updates to your devices!

Not giving up I downloaded the update using Orbit Downloader, after about an hour it had the entire 54 mb file.  I followed the instruction on the Pandigital site to do a manual upgrade.

I loaded the polaris_update.dat file on an empty SD card, rebooted the Pandigital while holding the power and volume + buttons at the same time.  As soon as the device boots let go and the manual update should complete.  It will give you a status while updating. PLEASE NOTE IT SEEMS THAT AT THIS TIME THIS FIRMWARE CANNOT BE UPDATED ONCE LOADED SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WANT THIS UPGRADE BEFORE PROCEEDING   The newest version is here.

I have the Black 7″ Model no: PRD07T20WBL1, if you have the same model and would like to download the firmware update I have placed a copy on a Google Docs Server, please feel free to download from here.  Or you can take your chances at the Pandigital download site here.

The new firmware has a much slicker interface and more options than the prior version, give me a few weeks and I’m sure I’ll start hacking away with custom ROMs and firmware.. until then happy reading.

Here are a couple of really bad camera phone shots of the Launch Screen after the update, I’ve also added some additional applications that I will be posting more information on later.

Preston McNair

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  1. Good stuff, Preston! I have the Black PDN 4GB from QVC and have tried numerous times to update the firmware from Pandigitals site, with numerous failures. However, this model being the QVC model, I am not sure I should update with this particular firmware…?

    You mentioned a new interface, what are some of the other improvements with this firmware updgrade? Out of the box everything seems to work quite well, the exception being the abysmally slow page turning and overall sluggishness of the unit.

    Thanks again for your work!!


    1. Bob,

      After the update I now have the following:
      Firmware Version: S64n_SLSB_PDUI_PD_2010_11_23
      Hardware Platform : RD101-4GB-W
      Kernel Version: 2.6.27 Kobo@Andriod
      Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0
      Model no: PRD07T20WBL1

      You should compare that to what you have on your device, I believe before the update my firmware was from July.

      1. Help! I have been trying since Christmas, when I received my 7″ white E Reader Novel to download the firmware update and/or amazon apps or android apps…nothing has worked. I saw your info and thought yes, this is it. I downloaded it from my computer to my E Reader by usb …as I was robbed 2 days before Christmas and my computer was am using an old version without SD slots. It looked like the download too…but now I and a pic of a small green android with a triangle above it and an exclamation mark in it. I now am unable to do anything including shutting off the E Reader..everything is frozen….I am so new to all this and I don’t know what to do..can someone help?

      2. I have the 7 inch black multimedia e reader prd 07T20wbl1
        BN 1-7-30-2010 7dv3 i have no idea if its an american format or canadian im hopen american cause id like it to fumction more with android aps then an ereader and i have read if i down load a candian version i wont be able to download anymore apps well american anyways. My issue is as many others i deleted all but the android file as it tells u too downloaded the update and it wont load I have no idea what to do now can u help?
        Thank you

      3. I have this model: RR7T40WRI
        2.6.27 Kernel

        Will the FW update work with this one?

  2. Hi Preston.

    That is exactly the firmware version that I have, so I will not fiddle around with it 🙂 As I understand it, the PDN is running Android 1.5xxx..? I had heard reps describe it as running Android 2.0, but at many sites this is argued, stating that Android 1.5 is what is running on the device.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. Hello Preston McNair
    I posted this on our suite a few people have installed it and love it greatest thing sence slice bread. my question is will this work on the 7″ 4gig e reader sence it has the interface of the 7″ 4gig e reader/tablet

  4. Mark,

    My guess is that it was designed for the 4GB eReader/tablet because once you do the update the Hardware profile reads as RD101-4GB-W … which is strange since I have a 7″ 2GB Black unit… I’m not sure what the profile was listed as prior to the update. I do have a friend that purchased a couple at the same time, I’ll check his to see what the profile is on those non updated devices. However it all seems to work okay, and it was the upgrade that was designated by Pandigital based on my serial number.


    1. Preston,

      I have the same 2gig black reader as you. When I copy the file to the SD card, do I leave the file name as specified – including .dat? And what am I gaining with the upgrade? I want to run it, but don’t want to lose the functionality I currently have. Thanks for your help!

  5. Preston,

    Another question….will the upgrade handle the Nook emagazines? Right now, most emagazines are viewed exclusively on the NookColor. Will this update handle that format….? Thanks again!

  6. Hello Preston,

    Im very confused with my new toy (7″ pandigital novel) my husband did download the Android application to it. its working pretty good. I think I might decide to keep it that way since we can not figure it out on how to switch it back to the original Pandigital. not unless u have the answer to switching back to Pandigital.
    Also I would like to know if there is an application that we can download to watch videos from youtube? and are they free?
    thanks for your help. and I might be back with more questions.
    Happy New Year.


    1. The firmware in the link above if from Pandigital, and has all of the Pandigital applications in it. Later today I’m going to post a zip file with all of the applications that I have found that are compatible. YouTube is one of them… and yes all the ones I post will be Freeware.

      1. Alright, so i’m sure this has been answered but honestly i’m getting frustrated going to all these sites and trying to read all this info and still not get it. I have the BPDN 7″ and i upgraded it to the android whatever it is and i REALLY dont like it, i would like to reset it back to how i initally got it out of the box, but can not figure it out or make sense of everything i have been reading. some help would be greatly appreciated! :/

        1. Mariah,

          Sounds like you updated it to the Android Open Platform, to get back to the version that has the Barnes and Noble software you can download this file polaris_update.dat to an SD card or the main memory of your device. Then reboot by holding down your power key and volume up key for about ten seconds, as soon as the screen comes on let go of both buttons and the firmware upgrade should begin.


  7. I flashed the Android from the Pandigital site and Now I can’t seem to reflash to ANYTHING and it does not recognize my SD card with the polaris update on it. HELP My husband got me the Black novel for Christmas and I would really like to use it !!!!
    I am not seeing much at all on this Android update and have no clue on how to get the Apps …..

    1. I’m assuming you loaded the Pandigital Novel Android Open Platform firmware. To get the new firmware loaded put in the memory card while the reader is powered off, then power on by holding the power key and the volume up + key at the same time, as soon as the screen comes on let go of the buttons and the upgrade should start.

      1. I’ll add that the only way I was able to get the correct firmware for the Black colored model was to run the Pandigital update program for Windows. The raw Pandigital version of the firmware is not on their web site, only a downloader application. If the firmware file you are getting is named anything other than polaris_update.dat, the only result you’ll get is a brief message for a fraction of a second that said something about the firmware being invalid and then booting into the firmware that you currently have installed on the unit.

        1. Yes, George, same problem here.
          I’ve downloaded the Android kit from Pandigital, and the canadian firmware and other hacked Android fw that I found reading slatedroid but the fw upgrade process only starts after running the PC program (and so flashing the Pandigital US fw)

  8. Hey,

    I love the update for the black pandigital. Do I need a task killer for this? If not, how do I close each page. Also, how do I go to the next month on the calendar, it is not liking me right now. Thanks so much!!

    1. You can use ES Task Killer or Free Advanced
      Task Manager…. To get to the next month swipe down on the screen, or up to go to the prior month. I’ll include an apk for the task killers in my next post.

  9. I have the 1G (which I just bought at Best Buy for $129.) I flashed the software that you posted hoping it would be 1.6 or greater so that I could run Kindle for android. This one does have a lot more features than what I downloaded from Pandigital and others

    Funny, but my internal storage is now reporting 4G. It is possible that it was actually 4G as some sizes of memory have been discontinued as RoHS has been coming into effect, we have beeng seeing this trend where I work.

  10. Preston,

    Thank you very much for posting the apps, tried a few out and they work perfectly! No problems at all with the installation, it appears that the PDN sold by QVC is not the one I have been reading about all over the internet!

    Thanks again.


  11. It seems that the OEM update misrepresents the actual amount of RAM installed, but more importantly, the device becomes locked down and you cannot install any other firmware (not even the update itself!). Has anyone tried to flash the OP firmware or any other.

    1. You’re correct. That file is for the QVC model and will not let you update your firmware after flashing. Pandigital had the wrong fimware posted to their site. Now, there is no SD option for the black model. You must use the update program that looks at your model number to pull the correct firmware. I had this happen to me and took it back to Best Buy. Ironically, it did run better with the new firmware. Just no new updates.

      1. This is correct after flashing to this QVC firmware I haven’t found a way to change firmware. I’ll post a notice about that. Pandigital seems to have a mirror in place now for downloading the firmware, but because I can’t update now I’m not certain which firmware their website will load.

        1. Hi guys, I’ve read that some guys at had the same problem; afaik the QVC fw looks for a file named other than ‘polaris_update.dat’, check that forum.

  12. Will this update work on the Canadian black novel? I updated my firmware from Pandigital and I lost all my apps (Kobo, explorer, Adobe). Unable to restore and no luck with with replies from Pandigital.


      1. My model number is PRD07120WBL1. I should point out when I connect my Novel to my computer my library is showing as still there. Thanks for your help. This was a gift and I really want to get it working.

        1. Karen,

          The software on the website looks at my serial number and points me to the same firmware even if I click on the Canadian link. I can browse their firmware files, but I’m not really certain which one would be appropriate for your needs.


        2. Karen, not sure if you ever got the Canadian Firmware… You should be able to use Pandigital’s site now to download the update, however if you still need it you can use this firmware… It is integrated with KOBO instead of Barns and Noble… Download from HERE.
          KOBO Bookstore
          Hardware version RD101-2GB-W
          Kernel Version 2.6.27 Kobo@Android)

        3. I’m not sure if this works (haven’t tried it yet) but the Pandigital Customer Service guy said to download the firmware associated to the model number PRD07120WBL10P1 for Canadian models.

          I hope this works!

  13. I experienced nearly the same thing trying to get the firmware for the Pandigital Novel Black. There was a .Net error when using the download app. At first I thought it might have been because I was running it on Windows 7 64-bit. So I tried on WinXP 32-bit, same error there. The Pandigital web site is a little confusing in layout and I thought that I could just download the firmware without the Windows app. This led me to mistakenly download the firmware for the White model. When I tried to flash with that, it failed producing a very briefly displayed “invalid firmware” message.

    Going back to the site, I decided to try the Open Android firmware. That worked, but I was worried that I would never be able to restore to the original FW since I couldn’t download it and it was not accepting my serial number. After installing Open Android, I was unable to install any apps and it no longer had a video player. So I went back and tried the download application again. It worked! It would be nice if their download application presented an error message that indicated that problem was on Pandigital’s servers and not a local Windows/.Net error. I also learned the importance of snagging the polaris_update.dat file from the Novel before it installs the update and keeping a backup copy. So I passed those hurdles and can now flip between firmware with no problems.

    I read in a few places that the Canadian firmware is much nicer. But I was unable to convince the Pandigital Canadian download application to accept my US serial number. But what I’m really curious about is trying to force Android 2.0 or 2.1 onto this thing. I’m having trouble finding specs for the black unit. I assume it’s around 500 MHz for the CPU and maybe 256M of RAM?

    What I’m currently running is the Slatedroid firmware which at least allows me to run the AndroidMate launcher and gives me the ability to install apps (something I couldn’t figure out with the Open Android firmware, but might try again since it seems you did it). The Slatedroid firmware allows me to chose between AndroidMate, the default Pandigital shell and the standard Home shell for Android (which crashes and won’t launch successfully). Unfortunately it’s based on the Pandigital 08-18-2010 firmware which is older than the current firmware. I thought I’d share some of that for other readers who might fear they’ve ruined their devices. What I’ve learned is that you need very specific firmware for the Black unit and it’s always going to be called polaris_update.dat. If it’s called anything else other than the *.exe updater for the black unit, it’s not the right firmware.

    I might decide to try and open the unit and remove the RF shield to see if the built in SD can be easily removed or if it’s soldered in. But, I will end this by asking you these questions: How did you manage to install apps on the Open Android firmware from Pandigital? I downloaded an apk file, but the firmware didn’t seem to have any apps that would allow me to see, let alone install the app. No file manager, no app installer. What did you do differently? I tried installing a Youtube app and a Youtube downloader app in the Slatedroid firmware I’m running. Both failed and said, “This application cannot be installed on this phone”. I ran into that with a number of applications. Might there be a version difference between Open Android and the Slatedroid firmware? Here is what the “Support” tab in the Pandigital shell reports running Slatedroid:

    Hardware Platform: RD101-2GB-W
    Platform Software: AN15-08-18-2010-7D
    Application Package: BN01-08-18-2010-7D
    Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0

    I’m going to try loading up Open Android again to see if I missed something…

    1. I’ve ran the .exe on the Pandigital site and it now downloads the firmware, (which has a newer date than the one I posted before.) However after it loads the firmware on the Novel it ask me to power off and reboot holding down the volume up key and the power key for five seconds. After 8 seconds it reboots into the update prompt then quickly catches an error and reboots into the existing firmware. The firmware I uploaded before seems to be the firmware for the QVC model, which allows the addition of apps already.

  14. I just tried the update however nothing changes. this is what i have, please help me get the new firmware

    hardware platform RD101-2GB-W
    platform software AN15-11-05-2010-7D
    application package BN01-11-05-2010 7D-V2
    adobe RMSDK 9.1.0

    and i have the same model # as you

    1. Hi Angela,
      afaik that is the most uptodate firmware that can be downloaded from Pandigital for the US models.
      Once I’ve updated to that firmware, I could not move to any other firmware (yet), I’ll let you know if I find something better.

      1. Well, yesterday there were two versions of the update program on Pandigital’s website. The first one downloaded a QVC firmware (100MB) that I could flash by playing a lot with the Power and vol+ buttons. Last time it worked I’ve had the USB cable plugged in and the machine was showing the “charging battery” bar.
        I don’t know what firmware will the current version load, I’ve spent the rest of my time configuring the new stuff and now the Novel is quite usable, that QVC fw has many Android features. I don’t think I will upgrade it again.

  15. If you bought the 7-inch, 4GB model from QVC in December, that is the latest, greatest, and most current version of the Novel eReader and associated software/firmware. QVC was given exclusive rights to launch the 4GB model, prior to PanDigital’s “public” launch on 1/1/11. It was still very confusing to some, because the PD website was not very specific with it’s “Upgrade Firmware Here” link on their page. The 4GB/QVC-7″ model does NOT require a firmware update. It’s already updated to the latest November firmware. I watched that QVC presentation for an entire day, the Sunday before Christmas, and all of this information was mentioned during the the airings. It was their “Today’s Special Value”, so the presentation ran all throughout the day from Midnite to Midnite, and I probably watched 8 or 9 different versions of the presentation.

    1. The firmware I posted before appears to be the QVC version of the firmware… with links to QVC on the home page that becomes pretty apparent. It has a lot more bells and whistles than the prior firmware, however it seems to lock down the Novel to keep you from loading other firmware.

  16. Hi Preston,

    I have the 7 inch 2gb Pandigital Ereader… whenever i try to download anything.. it says there is not application to open this file.. waht do i do?

      1. I was trying to do the firmware update, tried numerously but failed… I tried to download the google doc file of yours and i couldnt using my ereader. Also, can we use Msn Messenger on this?

        1. The google doc file is a zip file, so it would not open on your ereader without additional software…. I may break the files down into individual .apk’s give me a couple of days…

  17. Hi, received the QVC special ereader as a gift. Is there a way to “lock” it? I live with large family, many little curious hands. LoL I would like to be able to prevent them from using my credit card, which is stored in memory, along with all my passwords. Thanks for all the great posts!

    1. Ethel, Open ES Explorer, the first time you open, it should ask you to download additional program options, download ES Security Manager. I think you can download by clicking on the settings tab (wrench icon) as well . With ES Security Manager you can password protect apps by code or gesture…enjoy. Preston

  18. I hear its so simple, but why is it so complicated to me? I click on the polaris_update.dat n it snds me to google docs, then???? I don’t see anyting else. What am I doing wrong???

    1. Once on the Google Docs Page there is a link to “Download (54 MB)” click on that link and that will download the firmware to your PC, Copy to an SD card, place in your Novel Reader and hold the power key and volume + key to reboot (takes about 8 seconds) as soon as the screen comes on let go of the power and volume keys and it should then process the update.

  19. Hey Preston thanks for the uploads.

    I have a Canadian PDN 2GB, I tried the polaris update, for some reason it read the firmware, rebooted my PDN and I lost my explore file. Tried doing recovery, update with date changes, update with canadian firmware and with SD hard reboot method. RESULT: NOTHING
    It seems to boot in the firmware “menu” then just stops 2 seconds in (not even). So i’m basically stuck there…. I’m pretty sawvy when it comes to PC’s… But this damn thing is driving me bonkers… Can you help in any way ??


  20. Tried that already… doesn’t work either. hard reset starts update then shuts down 1 second in. Been doing that with all updates… even canadian website update…. No clue.. had to install ES FILE BROWSER through a link on my server.

  21. I have the same model (US) BPDN, and I am trying to download according to your instructions. The firmware reads: hardware platform RD101-2GB-W
    platform software AN15-11-05-2010-7D
    application package BN01-11-05-2010 7D-V2
    For some reason, when I click the link to download the update, I get a window that says Firefox wants to open with Notepad(default). I am not a techie, so I have no clue as to what that means, or how to fix it. I opened the document, and it was rows and rows of boxes. I am getting confused by reading thru all of the posts and I don’t want to do the wrong thing. Help, I feel clueless.

    1. You don’t need to open that file on your computer, you should copy to a SD card or to the root of your Pandigital device via USB then reboot by holding the power and volum up key at the same time.

  22. Preston – I tried doing the “update” from your link and though it did not work, I downloaded the latest update from the Pandigital site and now have the Android interface on my device but am still having some major issues. Here are the current specs on device AFTER the update so you have all details before trying to answer:
    Black 7″ Color Multimedia eReader 2GB
    Model# PRD07T20WBL1 {Serial# 7020001010127642}
    Purchased at Best Buy “Black Friday” sale
    Hardware platform: RD101-4GB-W
    Firmware version: S64N_SLSB_PDUI_PD_2010_12_29
    Kernel version: 2.6.27 Kobo@Android )
    Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0
    Internal eReader storage: Internal Memory 4GB
    SD Card {brand new SanDisk 8GB SDHC Card}: Total space 7,572MB
    Internal Memory: 7,571MB

    So here are my new issues:
    1. My laptop is older so I do not have a slot where I can work directly with SD Memory Card. I have no idea how to save files to the SD card such as the “hack” file I downloaded here from your site. In order to overcome not having a slot in my computer for the card, I connected the PDN via USB cable then just saved the files directly to or transferred them via Windows Explorer to the PDN which shows as “Drive G”. Drive G/PDN shows files folders but it does not show the SD Card so that I can save directly to the card rather than the internal memory.

    2. I did the same thing with my Adobe Digital Edition books and the few downloads I had from BN. It is a pretty big file, is REALLY slow, & not all the features are working correctly {i.e. the table of contents will not load}. However, I cannot get any of my books to open up and the only one I can is incredibly slow. And when I update my library or try to manage books, not everything is showing up.

    I ‘m certain that the fact that I do not have a way to save directly to my SD card is the problem but I cannot figure out a way in ES File Explorer to move files from one storage area to another to make sure they are on the SD card.
    And is it possible to use a different reader such as the Adobe Digital Additions or something else. This PDN is about to make me lose my mind…never have I had so much trouble getting something to work for me as I am this thing “although I will say that the latest update does make the touch screen much more responsive, like that a lot!

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    As you can see from my specs above, there is only 7.5MB of memory left on the card. n order to try to get things onto it

  23. Ok so Preston, please excuse me for being thick, but what exactly does this new firmware do? Does it upgrade the version of android from 1.5 to 1.6 or 2.0? Because i see in your second picture there that you have other apps such as photoshop express, facebook, etc which is not directly compatible with the 1.5 os that Pandigital gives us with the open source kit. I’m reading your instructions from last week that shows you downloading the canadian firmware, renaming files, etc and ‘unlocking’ the device as you call it. Is this simply loading a more advanced version of android on the device as the QVC versions have? I’m curious because i currently have the US black model of the device and have just loaded the open source kit without problems, but i’m stuck with 1.5 os and no app store and no real means to obtain any decent apps as most of them are incompatible with 1.5.

    If you could provide some clarification, i would be more than happy to give your ‘preston hack’ as they call it a shot.


    1. It’s still not clear as to whether the OS in this firmware is 1.5 or 1.6, the facebook app works fine. Photoshop Express will load, but doesn’t function correctly. There is still not an apps store. You’ll still need to experiment with apk’s to find ones that will work on the device. However you can load applications just as you can with the Open Platform, plus you have the Barnes and Noble or KOBO app installed for the Canadian version. The most current firmware on Pandigital’s support site should give you all this functionality as well, although in my testing the Canadian version will allow you to use a USB connection without rebooting, however the US version is better as the Reader App does not give you a white title bar in night mode. The firmware being called the “Preston Hack” is really just firmware I downloaded from Pandigital’s site when it was down… not really a hack, and I have too many projects going on with the day job to do any builds myself.

  24. OK, I feel so stupid! I’m just trying to get my Black 2gb 7″ PDN (w/FW 20110114) to open books I’ve borrowed from my library. I’m using Adobe Digital Editions and transferring to the PDN. When I try to open in the B&N app, it says I can’t open because they have to be transferred using ADE.
    I’ve been reading forums and posting questions for a few days… soooo frustrated.
    I’ve tried authorizing and unauthorizing ADE and the PDN; uninstalling and reinstalling ADE. I was suggested that I “flash” the firmware again. I assume that means Power button and Volume+. That either does nothing at all, or flashes something about the partitions and continues to load to the existing firmware.
    I’ve tried starting from scratch at the Pandigital download site, re-downloaded the firmware to my computer, tried to initiate the update with Power/Volume+. Nothing.
    Can anyone help me? -with very basic, step-by-step suggestions 🙂

    1. Lynn, don’t feel bad……… are not alone. I’ve downloaded the updates also & TRIED to reboot. I just keep getting the same screen with the books on it.

  25. Preston,
    I was able to do the “preston hack” and it worked. YAY!!!! One small issue, I have a warning that says “user guide file does not exist. Please download the latest version from, rename it to UG_PRDO7T4G.pdf and save it onto /eBooks folder of internal memoray via the USB-connection w/ PC……what the heck does this mean & is it necessary?
    TY for your help

  26. polaris_update.dat is there any games available with this it works great but no flash player or games anybody has something available thanks.i have the pandigital novel with the polaris firmware works great but no games.

  27. Hi,
    I’d love to try to this, on the QVC 4G BPDN but the volume up/power reboot won’t work for me. I’ve done it successfully once, but now I just can’t make it happen. I can’t fix for the problem that has worked so far.

  28. Beamreader expired after 10 days. It took forever to find Adobe Reader for Android 1.5 (which could be downloaded without scanning a barcode or requesting a link from your phone)…but it wouldn’t install.

    One site says, never pay for a reader, because it is provided for free by adobe.

    So where do I find Adobe Reader that will run on the hacked black 7″ 2GB Pandigital?

    Thank you, please pull forward.

  29. I have tried several times to update my pandigital threw thier website, but nothing is changing. When i turn it off and turn it back on while hitting the volume button all it does is restore it to origional settings. Please tell me what i am doing wrong.

  30. Mahalo for the download link, Preston. I tried numerous times to load the PD website version of the firmware update on my QVC 7″ black PDN and it never worked. Another version from almost hosed my PDN entirely and I was ready to throw it away when I found your download and decided to give it one more try. Yours worked great and I’ll be using it to update a friend’s BPDN soon. Thanks again.

  31. Preston am I correct in that when you do the firmware upgrade you lose your SD slot? Or did I misread some of these posts.
    I have the same Pandigital model as you.

  32. Hi Preston, thanks for the link! At least I hope so.

    Whenever I go to reader on my bpdn I believe 2gig, I can’t remember, it was a gift but it was from QVC, I get this popup “Warning User guide file does not exist. Please download the latest version from, rename it to UG_PRD07T4g.pdf and save it into /ebooks folder of internal memory via the USB-connection with pc”

    Where is this folder because I don’t see it under ES File Explorer, also if I need to actually do this is it possible via sd card because unfortunately I do not have a cord with me for pc to pdn connection.
    Another thing that is happening, when I try to (I can’t actually remember what I was trying to do) do something I get directed to the internet to download an app where I can do what I was trying to do. For example this last time I was sent to in order to get, I guess, es file explorer…
    Any help you can offer will be much appreciated.


    1. Ok so I’ve realized that “reader” on my pdn is something other than the bn reader… not sure what it is though. Another question though,

      Do I need to install that update that you posted under “The fix is in for the Pandigital Novel Firmware Lock Down” thanks a bunch still


  33. Preston I used the updater on the Pandigital site and everything went just fine except I was expecting the new interface with B&N just showing as an app.
    What I got was an update of the same firmware.
    My software went from 10-08-2010 to 11-05-2010.
    It read my serial # and then downloaded a newer verion of the same firmware.
    My unit is the PRD07T20WBL1 & it’s hardware platform is RD101-2GB-W.
    How does that compare with yours?
    Your help is appreciated.

  34. i have the same model num as your as and i dled a few diff firmswares event he canadian one and they go through fine but main menue never change it doesnt give me any errors or anything

  35. How do I get apps on my BPDN 7″ once I have successfully changed it over? I keep getting a message that I “cannot install app on this phone”. Has Pandigital provided a place to download apps? Any help would be great. Thanks.

    P.S. Love the thread. This is the only place I got answers that made sense. Thanks.

    1. Many apps you find are designed for use on Android 2.0 or higher, since Pandigital is running with 1.6 or 1.5 they will not load, also many apps that require hardware that is not present may not load or will crash once launched (microphones, cameras, and other sensors not on the readers.) You can find some applications that I have successfully loaded and used in this thread. There is also a download link.

      1. So is it basically trial and error? If so, what should I be searching for? Free apps that don’t come from the Market? I love a good hunt but I need to know where to start. Thanks again for the help, the link you gave me worked perfectly and I now have all the apps installed. Really wanted YouTube so thanks for that one.

  36. You might want to check out vpike
    I have used the site for mapping with my Kindle and it works even better with the Pandigital.
    Has driving directions, map, street view, and satellite view.

  37. I want to update to the android firmware but cant get the update to take. I am stuck on the 11_04_10 firmware update. can I use your method to update to latest firmware?

  38. Preston is there a difference in the apps between the 54 and the 108? Does one have the Kobo and the other the B&N?
    I’m about ready to load one or the other since their auto upgrader never works on the Pandigital site never works.

  39. Does anyone know how to remove an app once it is installed.
    There has to be another app to do this. Doesn’t their?

  40. Prestonmcnair

    As of Nov 11 US or Oct 28 Can, you can no longer use polaris_update.dat to can the FW. But rename it and you can put any including older firmware on your Novel. The lastest firmware is dated Mar 1, 2011. More info can be found here.

    The current release adds nothing to the Novel other then maybe updates and tweaks, but does run better.

    At Slatedroid, we do have mods that include Android Market, which gives you easy access to hundreds of apps. Still you seem to be way ahead of getting working apps on the Novel.

    1. I’ve tried updated my pandigital reader but nothing happens. I downloaded the pandigital update from the pandigital website (US and Canadian versions). It runs through the steps, then I hold the power and volume buttons but nothing changes. Right now, my pandigital black has the 7/30 software. I know these works because I updated my daughter’s white novel with no problem. I tried renaming, everything else I could think of or saw on your blog. Any other suggestions???

  41. Hello Preston hope all is well. i’m the one who gave you the name the preston hack on the i love the panidigital novel e reader link:!/LoveThePandigitalNovel
    do to the hacks for the white units at the time. so i have to give the black 2gigs and 4gig units something to go for. Hope yo dont mind (funny) But i would like to know were i can get the Barns and Nobel app to load into the new tablet from QVC.
    Thanks for you input and keep up the good work

    Mark Anderson ADMIN

  42. If you wish to restore back to the older version after installing the Polaris Update down load S64N_SLST_OP15_PD_20110301.dat and rename it to polaris_update.dat on a blank SD card then try doing the update.

  43. Hi Preston,

    Thanks so much for your posts. Two weeks ago I bought a black Pandigital (Canadian version, platform RD101-2GB-W, firmware version S64N-SLST-KOBO-P1_2010_10_28) and I’m very happy with it, but have discovered one unnerving glitch: whenever I install a pdf reader app, the reader will no longer start with a 3-second press on the power button. If it’s been shut down for a while, I have to ‘flash’ it (press the power+volume button several times, then press the power button once I’ve seen the firmware text appear).
    So far I’ve tried the Beamreader app from the package you’ve provided, and Vudroid, with the same result each time. I’ve even tried buying a second reader, to see if the same thing would happen. It does. Have you heard of this happening before, and do you have any suggestions? Will repeatedly starting the reader by flashing shorten its life?
    I bought the readers at Best Buy, and am within the return period, but since no other reader offers all that this one does, in the same price range (I especially like the colour screen, since I watch videos on it – using the apps included), I’d really like to find a solution to this problem.

    Thanks, Linda

  44. I did the download to my pandigital which I bought on ebay… now my problem is that I dont have the drivers (dont have any original disk) and so cannot download additional items from the computer direct to the pandigital….

    Does anyone know where I can download these from?

  45. Is there a way to identify US vs CAN vs QVC on these devices. There are several Black ones at my local pawn shop and I would like to make the “smartest” choice.
    If there is a way, please let me know. And if I have a choice……is there one that would be best to start with, before Mods.

  46. Hello Preston I have a black pandigital ereader and I’m not sure which update is the correct one,
    Purchased at sears
    Hardware Platform-RD101-2GB-W
    Kernel Version- 2.6.27 PDUI@Android
    Firmware Version S64N_SLT_OP15_PD_2011_02_14
    Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0
    Model # PRD07T20WBL1

    Is the polaris update already on mine?
    Or I just need the PC version?????

  47. Hello ….I have the black pandigital ereader that I bought from sears on 6/03/11 and Have just found out there is a update.But I am confused between the polaris_ update.dat and the update uploader on the PD site. I have this PD ereader
    Hardware Platform RD101-2GB-W
    Kernel Version 2.6.27 PDUI@android
    Firmware Version- S64N_SLT_OP15_PD_2011_02_14
    Adobe RMSDK: 9.1.0

  48. Sorry almost forgot the model Number PRD07T20WBL1
    What is the difference between the 54 Mb on the google Docs page and the one on the PD website??? Since it is only 88.0Kb the size seems to be quite different. I would like to update this reader but not turn it into something that will require TOO much time to get it running properly…..Thanks for any help anyone can send My way.

  49. Hi,
    I recently purchased the Pandigital 7″ Novel (black). I see that you are supposed to have a Barnes and Noble App for ebooks, but I dont. I then started reading around about all the firmware updates and am completely confused, as I am not “techy”. The info in my “About Device” section is as follows: Model #: PD_ Novel, Firmware Version: sQ20_20110205_B_PD_INX7E_ENG_6410POP, Kernel Version: 2.6.29 victor@victor-android Thu Dec 16 18:07:37 CST 2010, Build #: PD_Novel 2011.01.05.

    My question is: Am I in need of updating my Novel or not?

  50. I am looking for some helpful answers. I bought my wife a older pandigital black 7″ and she loves it, she plays games reads books from B&N. Well my daughter likes it also so my wife ordered her one for christmas from Model# PRD07T20WBL7 (this is from back of case). from the settings about device it reads as follows.
    Model# PD_Novel
    fw version SQ20_20110105_B_PD_INX7E_ENG_6410POP
    Kernal version 2.6.29 Victor@victor-android Thur Dec16 18:07:37 cst 2010
    build# PD_Novel2011.01.05
    Device id 7020001210717130

    I cant seam to get anything to work like B&N says its not compatibly. Also my wife couldnt get any games to work. Iam trying to figure this thing out, and have done a lot of reading but cant figure out what to do. PD site says serial # needs no update. Also when i hook up to laptop via usb it sayes s3c6410 android adb doesnt work. I cant send back cause my wife took it out of box and i think i might of burned it in the trash. Need help to get it set up before Christmas. thanks

  51. I just bought the 7′ Pandigital and can not get it to install any working andriod applications. I can not figure out how to uninstall any of the non-working applications either. This reader was purchased on 12/23/11 so I would assume it has the latest updates. Would someone please help me? I could really use some help.


  52. My son received the Black 7″ Novel for Christmas. I have been trying for a week to get the firmware updated so he can play games on it and I’m not having any luck. It says it is installed but when I reboot it nothing has changed. I’m not sure if I need an sd card or not. If that’s the only problem then I can get one but this is starting to become annoying…I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to fix this!!!

  53. I am getting frustrated with my 7 inch pandigital – I have upgraded and am please so far – the only problem that I am having is downloading magazines. I am able to download some but others gives me a incompatible format message. Is there something I am missing – meaning are there magazines that are not compatible with pandigital but compatible with nook. TIA

  54. Hi, i just got a pandigital 7″ Black media tablet. it has android 1.5 is there an update so that it can be android 2.0? its a PRD0720WBL7 and the firmware version is: SQ20-20110105-B-PD-INX7E_Eng-6410POP. I can’t seem to get any apps to work on this and can’t even get it to work as an ereader which was the main purpose i thought it was supposed to serve. Help please.

  55. download books from your library and use their adobe digital editions screen to transfer files to the pandigital via usb….then on pandigital do a media search…I just put in the letter ‘a’ and all your books will appear…when you click on a book it loads it…then it will also appear in the b & N library and will work…when you return the book to the library you need to connect again to you pc with usb and next to the book their is a small arrow for a drop down that allows you to digitally ‘return’ the book.
    the pandigital is limited, but to for same price as the read only kindle as least you use internet, get email, have music and photos…I don’t particularly love it but it is worth the 79 I paid.

  56. Hey
    My mom got this for Christmas, Problem is out library’s app is 2.0 or higher. it was refurbished from XS cargo with model number RR7T40WR1. Every update ive tried has jsut given me the split second error screen and booted normally. Anybody get this to work on theirs?


  58. I purchased a black 2gb novel from ebay that was originally bought at qvc. i also have a white one that came with the update already. i got the the download for the white ones version to work on the black one off of pandigital’s website

  59. My Mom has an old Pandigital Tablet from QVC. The model # PRD09TW-R90L200. I have searched the internet for days and can find no owner’s manuel, updates, or tech support for this pain in the neck tablet. I connected it to the computer, it came on, went off, now it’s just dead. Please Help! I’m about to throw this thing out the window!!

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