Pandigital 7″ Black eReader firmware update download

pandigital-black-7-inchI received the Pandigital Black 7″ eReader for Christmas.  The Pandigital eReader is a economically priced eReader ($129 at Best Buy) that runs Android.  Although it’s not your spoilt nephews iPAD, it can get by as a basic Android Tablet.  It comes with WiFi, a basic web browser, MP3 player, Facebook and Email clients.  It integrates directly with Barns and Nobles NOOKBook Store this allows you to read NOOKBooks (epub format) as well as PDF books from other sources.

Being a gadget guy I checked out the Pandigital website and found there was a firmware upgrade available.  I downloaded the software, ran it on my toughbook and caught an error (Wasted a few hours trying to correct.)  The next day I ran the upgrade on my office PC  (No joy again… although I did get past the “enter your serial number prompt.”)  Next I tried on my home PC, this time and the 20-30 times after it timed out while trying to download the update…. nothing is more frustrating to a geek than not being able to play with updates to your devices! Continue reading “Pandigital 7″ Black eReader firmware update download”